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DC Trip: Day 2

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Day 2 | Morning | Student Blog #1

Waking up my friends and I all said “Yes, we get to go to a pancake house." Just thinking about how we get eggs and pancakes lightened up our day. The bus ride to Jamestown was a lot of fun playing exploding kittens and many other card games other kids had brought. At Jamestown, the first thing my group did was go to the recreation of the Jamestown settlement. Learning about Jamestown was fun, but just being able to go to Jamestown and experience the way the settlers got to live was a whole new level. After the settlement, my group went to go see how the Powhatan lived. Looking at the difference between the Jamestown Fort and the Powhatan’s camp they were insanely different. At the Powhatan camp we were able to go in yi-hakan’s and find out what types of things the Powhatan used to make baskets. After visiting Jamestown, we went to go see glassblowing. While we watched a woman blow glass another woman described how the settlers of Jamestown did it, and how to blow glass. Now we’re off to Williamsburg.

Wyatt B.

Day 2 | Afternoon | Student Blog #2

Today after lunch, we visited the Colonial Williamsburg where we saw a reconstructed version of the Capitol building. We got to experience being in the actual courthouse were people were sentenced and the other half of the building where people worked in support of the crown. We also went to a carpenter shop where some students got the chance to try cutting a log in half with a two person saw. I think my favorite part was walking around Williamsburg in small groups and shopping for souvenirs. I bought a book in the bookstore, which some would think is a waste of money, but books are never a waste of money. All in all it was another amazing day where we all had a lot of fun.

Tira G.

We're off to dinner and will sleep in Washington DC tonight! Tomorrow looks to be a busy day. Follow us on Instagram, too!