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DC Trip Blog: Day 3

Friday, June 2, 2017

Student Blog #1

So, this morning we went to the reflecting pools (like the Washington Monument reflecting pool and the WWII memorial). The WWII memorial was really cool. We got to walk all the way around the memorial, and we remembered all the people who fought in the war. There was one wall with over 4,000 stars on it, and each star represented 100 solders that fought in the war. We then walked by the Washington Monument reflecting pool, and saw the Lincoln Memorial. The Lincoln Memorial was cool, because the Lincoln statue was really big. After that we walked to the Vietnam War Memorial. This was amazing because the memorial had the names of the people who fought in the war. The design on the memorial was pretty cool too. Mr. Rice told us that her teacher gave the lady who designed it the project, and she got a B on it. We then went to the Japanese War Memorial, and it had the statues of the men hiding in the bushes, and a wall with pictures of people and items from the war (the wall was kind of like the Vietnam War Memorial). I thought all the monuments were really cool, and it was fun to see all the statues.

Audrey M.

Student Blog #2

I look out the window. There it is, the Washington Monument. I had seen it in pictures online, sure. As soon as I see the tall white obelisk, I know I am going to have a great day. At the World War Two Memorial, laid out were every state that had participated in the war. As we have fun, little did I know but we were about to see a very emotional memorial. As sad as many other memorials were, from first glance I could tell how emotional it was. It was unlike anything I have ever seen, people who are young or old come to the Vietnam War Memorial to remember their loved ones who had died in the war. You see Veterans come to remember their friends who had perished. Yet little children at the age of five are waddling around to find a diseased grandparent. Next we went to the Lincoln Memorial. The Reflection pool is longer than I had ever thought. The Lincoln Memorial has probably been my favorite part of the trip to D.C. so far. For the most part, without the people it is a big empty room made of marble. But there is a big statue towering over the seemingly small people. One of his hands is open, to show his calm side. Yet, one of his hands is in a fist to show his strength in overcoming one of the darkest times in our country. After lunch, for the first time in Breck history we visited the African American museum. It had just opened this year; it was interesting to see all the people who had brought their children to see part of their cultural history.  People from all over the country came to see the museum. After that, the sixth grade split up. People either went to the National History Museum, American History Museum, and for a chosen few the Holocaust Museum. I decided to go to the Natural History Museum. I learned a lot about the mammals, but because of my friends a lot about shopping too. Finally, we visited the final three memorials. The MLK (Martin Luther King) memorial was particularly big compared to the rest of the statured memorials. Also the FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) memorial was very big. Thomas Jefferson’s Memorial is also one of the most amazing things that I had seen today. I know I sound like a broken record player talking about D.C. in this way. But I am being honest, D.C. is truly this amazing. A lot of people say that Disney World is where the magic is. But I disagree, to me Washington D.C. is truly magical. From the reflecting pool to the great variety of people, Washington D.C. is one of the most amazing places in the world, I am excited what to see in the days to come.

Logan S.