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By the Numbers

At Breck, we have long understood that maintaining a diverse community is as much a matter of educational excellence as it is a matter of social and civic responsibility. Our commitment to diversity — including socioeconomic diversity — represents idealism about the kind of learning community we want Breck students to experience and realism about the kind of world in which Breck graduates will live.

Financial aid has always been an important tool for ensuring that Breck remains a vibrant community. In 2016-17, 280 students (24% of the student body) were awarded financial aid grants in excess of $5.7 million. The amounts varied from $1,000 to full tuition and, in some situations, full tuition, books and transportation. Grants carry no obligation of payment back to the school.

See the charts below for more information. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Carrie Lennox, associate director of admissions and financial aid (click for email or call her at 763.381.8204).

Financial Aid Recipients: 2016-17

Lower School   Middle School   Upper School  
Preschool  9 Grade 5 16 Grade 9 21
Kindergarten 14 Grade 6 15 Grade 10 23
Grade 1 21 Grade 7 24 Grade 11 37
Grade 2 18 Grade 8 26 Grade 12 24
Grade 3 17        
Grade 4 14        






As you can see from the table below, need-based grants went to families with a wide range of annual income last year. Breck Financial Aid committee considers total income as a starting point, along with many other factors, such as family size, number of children in tuition-bearing schools, age of the primary working parent, assets, liabilities and unusual allowable expenses. Individual circumstances vary greatly, so consider the following as a general guideline only.

2016-17 Income Bands
Number of Financial Aid Recipients % of Total 2015-16 Grant Money Total Amount of Grants
Average Grant
Up to $50,000 42 18.5  $1,052,865 $25,068
$50-$100,000 63 26.3 $1,500,231 $23,813
$101-$150,000 65 24.7 $1,409,235 $21,595
$151-$200,000 60 19.1 $1,085,855 $18,097
$201-$250,000 22  5.8   $333,609 $15,164
Over $251,000 27  5.3   $303,094 $11,225