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Breck Wins 3rd & 5th Place in State Primary/Elementary Chess Tournament

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Twenty-nine Breck students spent their Saturday deep in concentration, focusing on their current or upcoming Chess match at the annual State Chess Tournament. This year it was held on Saturday, April 8, a beautiful, 78-degree Saturday in April. Nearly 360 other students participated in the event, bringing together some of the greatest chess minds in grades K-6 from across the state.

Breck students were very successful with the following results:

Breck’s Primary Team (K-3rd Grade)

Tied for 4th with Harriet Bishop Elementary and Christ Household of Faith, splitting the two in the middle with a 5th place finish out of 27 Teams (after tiebreaks). The team was quite young, with the only team in the top 5 that had a majority of 1st graders.

Congratulations to: 

First Graders: Jonah Getnick, Ryan Cavanaugh, Theo Artemiuk, Reese Melnick, Adam Fishbach, Jack Wade, Luke Moga, Thomas Setterberg, Henry Childs, and Kelly Armstrong.

Second Graders: Yuki Gilbert, Sara Rosenman, John Winston, Julia Rosenman, Grier Julkowski.

Third Graders: Max Opperman, Joshua Melnick, Truman Conner

Breck’s Elementary Team (4th -6th Grade)

Edged out Minnetonka East Middle by half a point with a 3rd Place Finish out of 32 Teams

Congratulations to:

Fourth Graders: Liam Cavanaugh, Colin Mitchell, Michael Setterberg, Edward (Teddy) Koch, Ben Moga, Jack Drawz, and Jax Julkowski.

Fifth Graders: Arav Saksena, Emily Lin, Jan Czeneszew, and Kevin Armstrong.

Individual awards

Congratulations to

  • Jonah Getnick for winning the top prize as the the best player in the state for 1st Grade
  • Liam Cavanaugh for winning the runner up trophy as the second best player in the state for 4th grade

For earning merit points with every winning chess game, congratulations also to the following for winning their respective medals:

  • Liam Cavanaugh – Silver
  • Truman Conner – Bronze
  • Colin Mitchell – Bronze
  • Ben Moga - Bronze

Thank you to Breck coaches Pat LaVone and Tim Lee who volunteered their weekend and offered countless hours of chess review, insights, strategies, and words of encouragement. Additional thanks go to Breck parents, especially Michael Goh, who provided the details for this update.