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Breck Students = Good People

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It’s not uncommon during a meeting with a potential new Breck family to get this question: “What’s a typical Breck student like?” When I first got this question, I was tempted to push back and say, “We don’t have a typical student. All of our students are individuals.” But after more reflection, I realized there is a commonality among our students, one I witness almost every day.

Just last week, as I was sitting in the Upper School lunchroom, I watched one of our seniors walk over to a freshman who was eating alone and invite him to join the upperclassmen table. This senior is a Division 1 football recruit, is currently taking three APclasses, and is a member of the Breck band. He will have his pick of any college in the country. Yet what made me most proud was watching him embody the common thread among our Breck students — the value of thinking of others. So what is the typical Breck student? They are not just academically smart and immensely talented. They are good people.