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Breck Stampede competes at FIRST Robotics Competition

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Upper School robotics team, Breck Stampede, had a wonderful showing April 6-8 at the FIRST Robotics Competition held at Williams Arena. 

The team placed 11th out of 63 teams, overcoming problems and solving challenges at every phase of the competition. 

"Our team overcame adversity, cooperated in ways I had not seen yet this season, and supported one another in a manner that I have come to regard as typical for a group of Breck students," says Ben Lampe, the robotics advisor and first-year physics instructor at Breck.

The team is made up of approximately 15 students in grades 9-12 as well as mentors who work in support of the team.

"Our volunteer and parent mentors put in 14-20 hour days in support of the team, but I think everyone came away from the weekend more energized than when they went into it," adds Lampe. "The team represented all of us very well and should be commended for a wonderful weekend."

The team was eventually eliminated in the semifinal round to the alliance that ended up winning the competition.

Many of the Breck Stampede team members also rallied to support the PORG Robotics Team from the Czech Republic, a partnership created through competition but has turned into friendship for team members. Many Breck families hosted as the PORG team members during their visit. PORG ended up in 51st place, but were proud to see their robot achieve all of the tasks they set out to achieve.

"It was amazing to see their resourcefulness and ingenuity as they worked to solve problems that arose with their robot," adds Lampe. " At every turn, our team worked to support our friends from Prague, lending tools, expertise, and learning from each other at every step."

Even though Breck Stampede didn't win the competition, they still had great results. Their elimination round alliance cooperated to put up the top three scores of the weekend with a maximum score of 445 coming in their second match of the quarterfinals. According the the FIRST robotics website, this score places the alliance in the top five percent of scores worldwide. Score distribution can be viewed in the chart to the right.

Congratulations, Breck Stampede! For photos of the weekend, click here. To learn more about Breck Stampede, visit their website.