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Breck Meals That Heal

Breck Meals That Heal provides prepared meals to Breck community members and their families who find themselves facing a hardship. Families facing a hardship can receive meals from volunteers.

The generosity and desire to care for and reach out to others is integral to Breck’s philosophy and mission. In addition, this program continues to strengthen the bonds within our Breck community.

How it works

A family receiving Meals That Heal will initially be identified following the communication between the family and a Breck teacher, staff member or the Meals That Heal coordinator Karen Shaul. Following conversation with the family, the Breck Communications team sends an email to the appropriate classrooms and grade levels directing them to where families may view and sign up as a volunteer to prepare a meal for the recipient family.

In the rare situation that a Breck family expresses the desire for confidentiality, with their consent, the Breck teacher or staff member will discreetly manage the meals and delivery. The Meals That Heal coordinator will be provided only with the total number of family members and any dietary restrictions. The prepared meals will be delivered to the identified Breck representative instead of directly to the recipient family. No identifiable information will be provided at any point in the communication process.