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Breck Faculty Fellows Chosen

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

By the end of the 2017-18 school year, Breck’s goal is to have all faculty trained in the mind, brain, and education approach using a neurodevelopmental framework through the Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning. Understanding the neurodevelopment of our students helps us see them more clearly, align our practice, and support all students in knowing  themselves as unique learners. The first important step is training a select group of faculty chosen as our Peter Clark Center for Teaching & Learning Breck Faculty Fellows. They will undergo training this year and will help guide their colleagues through professional training in 2017-2018. They will then lead a year of reflective practice as faculty to further hone their skills.

All faculty were invited to apply to be a Fellow. The committee reviewed these applications and we are pleased to announce our first cohort of PCCTL Breck Faculty Fellows: Jenny Bennett, A.J. Colianni, Lisa Hunninghake, Alexis Kent, Carollina Olaya, Katy Pearson, Jay Rainville-Squier, Sébastien Saunoi-Sandgren, Anne Savage, Kim Schafer, Katie Scherer, Carey Sirianni, Sarah Strong, Ty Thayer, Sara Thorne, Jessica Wanless, and Marcy Wegner. Congratulations!