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Breck School

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Board of Trustees

Like all independent schools, Breck is governed by a Board of Trustees, whose members are elected to three-year terms.

Board members in 2017-2018 are as follows:

Lee R. Anderson, Sr. ’57, lifetime trustee
Daniel R. Aronson
​Sally Blanks
Barbara E. Burwell
Drew Gaillard ‘88
Michael Goh
Katharine Anderson Groethe ’88
Natalia Rico Hernández
Rob Holt
Lenesa Leana
G. Mike Mikan
Patty Murphy
Rebecca O’Grady, president
Rory O’Neill
Michelle Pohlad
The Rt. Rev. Brian N. Prior, chair
Brad Radichel
Joan Rex
Susan Bass Roberts
William C. Schmoker
Wendy Schoppert
Jill Schurtz
Ronald D. Sit
Winifred Smith
Maya Tester ‘81 
Christopher Thibodeaux
Andrew W. Turner
Christoph Welsh '90