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Alumni Reflections Mary Goetz '09

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

“Breck has given me lifelong friends, the skills to tackle many academic and personal challenges I’ve faced, and a superb alumni network that has been helpful as I transition away from college and into my professional life. But I think the most special thing that Breck gave me was the knowledge that there were lots of people who really, genuinely, cared about my success and believed I could achieve my goals. Whether it was the teachers who wrote thoughtful and personalized recommendations for me, the time Ms. Soderberg played classical music in her office to calm me down from a college freakout, or Ms. Fruen’s willingness to go painstakingly through every Chemistry homework assignment with me during tutorial, I felt so strongly supported and believed in at Breck. Since leaving high school, and especially since working at my current job at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, I have had a chance to see how differently things can turn out when that kind of support just isn’t there for kids, especially for teenagers. More than ever, I count myself SO lucky to have had a Breck education, and to have been in a place where everyone was focused on all the things I could do, not all the things I couldn’t. From what I have seen thus far, the Breck experience is not often nor easily imitated, and students who attend Breck almost invariably catch the contagious optimism that abounds there.”

Mary Goetz '09 | Boston College