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Alumni Reflections Libbey Castle '12

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Libbey Castle '12 | Colby College

When asked to reflect upon my time at Breck, my immediate reaction is to share experiences that could only be produced by intimate class sizes, the incredible education I came away with, and the remarkable friends that I’ve known since I was three. Yet, a response like that would simply be a parade of superlatives meant to convey through words an unspeakable love for the school. After attending Breck for fifteen years, and graduating dubbed a ‘super-lifer,’ I can only scratch the surface of what being a mustang is really all about.

I graduated from Breck having had the privilege of traveling to China my junior year with my classmates after studying Chinese since kindergarten. A year later, the thirteen of us in our Art History class embarked on a trip to New York to visit the Met and MOMA. I tried ceramics, tennis, and student government. I was never turned away from a team or denied from a club. The halls of Breck felt like home, the faculty like family, and my friends like siblings.

Fifteen years after I first trotted through the halls toting a backpack much larger than I was, I vividly remember how I felt tossing my mortarboard up at graduation. The chilling reality that I would never again walk the halls of Breck as a student left me speechless as my friends hugged and laughed out on the chapel green. What hadn’t quite hit me in that moment was that being a mustang isn’t something that dies as soon as you leave 123 Ottawa Avenue. Contrary to what I thought that beautiful June evening, I’ve come to realize that the values of service, integrity, and a love for learning never die. It’s not the halls that make a Mustang, it’s the values, and those can never fade. Once you’re a Mustang, you’re always a Mustang.”

Libbey Castle ‘12