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Lower School Philosophy

In Lower School, our Mission is to fLower School Studentsoster a love of learning, cultivate independent thinkers and guide children to reach their full potential. We expect children to take an active role in their learning. We focus on the development of the whole child: cognitive, social, emotional, physical, aesthetic and spiritual. We believe learning is a social activity that involves exploration, play, communication and collaboration.  As they grow, students increase their understanding of themselves as learners.

We believe children: 

  • are naturally curious, creative, and imaginative;
  • thrive when they feel safe, respected and valued, which enables them to take risks as learners, make mistakes and learn from their experiences;
  • flourish when they have meaningful, authentic relationships at school and in the larger community;
  • develop and learn at different rates and in a multitude of ways;
  • take ownership of their learning with choice and autonomy;
  • build confidence as they share their voice with others;
  • benefit from opportunities to develop leadership skills;
  • develop perspective in a diverse community;
  • grow from serving and responding to others; and
  • succeed within a strong parent–school community.

Recognizing that children are unique individuals, we consider the broad range of  students’ knowledge, interests, strengths, challenges, learning styles and experiences  to support their ongoing development. An innovative and integrated curriculum, coupled with a variety of instructional strategies and resources, provides the foundation for learning and growth.