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2017-18 Sabbaticals Awarded

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Head of School Edward Kim announced that two faculty members were awarded sabbaticals for the 2017-18 school year.

Upper School Math Instructor Mary Gentry (right) will spend the year learning about 21st century math education. She hopes to dive deeper into the current work being done around activity-based learning using an online platform called Desmos. Mary will also use her time on sabbatical to further her exploration of the connection between math and the arts. She will attend the 2017 Bridges conference in Toronto, where she will meet with mathematicians, artists, writers, musicians, and architects. She hopes to explore how these seemingly disparate disciplines come together in beautiful and inspiring ways. Upon her return to Breck, Mary hopes to use this knowledge to develop interactive explorations specific to Breck’s math curriculum and become our multi-divisional Desmos guru.

Upper School Modern Language Instructor and Community Engagement Coordinator Frederique Schmidt (left) will spend her year exploring the nuances of the opportunity gap, both broadly as it affects our country and specifically as it plays out in the Twin Cities. The opportunity, or achievement, gap is defined as the disparity in academic achievement between low- and high-income students, as well as students of color and white students. Fred plans to participate in internships, interviews, professional learning opportunities, as well as “shadow” policy advocates and educators. She hopes this sabbatical will deepen her own understand of social issues, strengthen relationships with our community partners, as well as identify new opportunities, and create more meaningful collaborations for our Wednesday morning visits.